The capital of Croatia, Zagreb charms with blending the historic and trendy into a lively European metropolis. The city prides itself with many green parks and pedestrian areas, novelty museums and never-ending array of festivals and events throughout the year.


Zagreb’s delightful mix of medieval history and a trendy lineup of restaurants, festivals and shops make a great year-round destination in continental Croatia. As the capital of Croatia, Zagreb is the political and economy hub but also a fast growing travel destination in its own right. Zagreb as it is known today has grown out of two medieval settlements, remains of which are still preserved to various degrees. The city changed its appearance in the 18th and 19th century, when during the golden Baroque age of the city many palaces, churches and monasteries were built to support the growing population.

Today, aside of its historic heritage, Zagreb attracts with numerous green parks spread throughout the city, galleries, almost 30 museums (including the ever popular Museum of Broken Relationships, the new Ferdinand Budicki car museum, or staples like Mimara and the Museum of Contemporary Art), and a thriving culinary and events scene.

While a great destination in itself, Zagreb is centrally located to explore many nearby sites such as Samobor, Medvednica Mountain, Krapina, Varazdin and more.


  • Zagreb Upper Town, including Lotrscak Tower, St. Mark’s Square, Parliament Building, Stone Gate, Strossmayer Promenade
  • Many museums and galleries, including the Museum of Broken Relationships, Klovicevi Dvori Gallery, Mimara Museum etc.
  • Stroll through Dolac, most famous Croatian open air produce market
  • Take a ride in the old funicular from Lower to Upper Town
  • Visit the historic and beautiful Zagreb cemetery
  • Zagreb surroundings;
    • Visit Krapina town, including the famous Neanderthal Museum
    • Zagorje, region of green hills dotted with some of the most beautiful Croatian castles like Trakoscan and Veliki Tabor
    • Kumrovec village, the birth house of Josip Broz Tito, today a eco vivid museum

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