Ston and Mali Ston

Once important defense points for the mighty Ragusa Republic, today Ston and Mali Ston are an important culinary destination in Croatia featuring some of the best oysters and mussels on the Adriatic.


A small town and a village, half a mile apart and connected by a defense wall, Ston and Mali Ston are situated on the entry point to the Peljesac Peninsula on the southern Croatian Adriatic coastline. Historically, Ston was an important salt producing town, strategically positioned on the Adriatic shore along important trade routes. The town was so significant for the Ragusa Republic that they ordered one of the longest fortifications in Europe to be built here, a defense wall 3.4 miles long. The walls are still standing today, and so is the salt production in Ston town which is an otherwise popular destination for foodies due to the local Mali Ston Bay mussels and oysters.

One of the culinary highlights of any foodie tour in Croatia, Mali Ston is settled on the shore of the Mali Ston Bay, where the Adriatic Sea cuts between the mainland and the Peljesac Peninsula. The most impressive building is the Koruna Fort, perched on a hill above the town. While small in size, Mali Ston is famous for its delicious mussels and oysters that local families have been cultivating here for a century.


  • Ston walls, one of longest fortifications in Europe built in 1358
  • Saltworks in the town center, where salt has been traditionally harvested for centuries
  • Oysters and mussels in Mali Ston Bay
  • Peljesac wine growing area 


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