A small town full of flavor, Vodnjan is often overlooked for its more famous Istrian neighboring cities. However, award-winning olive oils are putting this town back on the map.


Tucked in on the eastern shores of the Istria Peninsula, at first look Vodnjan resembles a sleepy town, however a second look unveils a foodie's heaven, historian marvel and overall travel gem. The production of olive oil in the area goes back to the Roman times and the golden age of Vodnjan. Today the area is working hard on regaining its former glory. Some of the most awarded Croatian olive oil producers today are in Vodnjan, making it a must visit for all food lovers.

Apart from its culinary appeal, a walk around the historic part of Vodnjan reveals a plethora of historic buildings and palaces ranging in different styles. The church of St. Blaise is home to the tallest bell tower in Istria, a 62-meter structure which boasts a rich sacral art collection. However many pay pilgrimage to the site due to six mummified saints bodies that are resting in the church. The local community comes together in the Ecomuseum, a joint community effort to preserve local tradition that results in many events, workshops, concerts, exhibits and more.

The most peculiar way to see Vodnjan is definitely by taking the “Vodnjan cab”, essentially an old carriage pulled by donkeys.


  • Olive oil tasting at one of the local producers
  • Visit the Ecomuseum
  • Visit the church of St. Blaise
  • Explore the traditional Istiran dry wall stone huts, Kazuni. To preserve this traditional technique, the town occasionally holds workshops
  • Find the narrowest street in Istria


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