Macedonia / Skopje

Macedonia’s political, economic and cultural center, Skopje is an eclectic capital city with thousands of years veiled in history. The cities’ strategic location at the heart of the Balkan Peninsula warranted a turbulent past, which is evident today in the number of different religions, languages and architectural styles enriching this diverse cultural center of Macedonia.


Thousands of years of history left a mark on Macedonia’s capital city, Skopje. Rich cultural heritage is plainly evident on a walk around this capital, where historic churches, mosques, cultural sites and memorials stand arm to arm with modern art galleries, fashion boutiques and a diverse culinary scene. Once could start exploring Skopje along the popular Makedonija street, lined with trendy coffee shops and restaurant, and continue to the statue of Alexander the Great, the Stone Bridge and the Triumphal Arch. The Old Bazaar dating all the way back to 12th century is the largest historic bazaar in the Balkans, and a great destination for anyone looking for authentic souvenirs, jewelry or art. Those looking for panoramic vista of the city should head to the Kale Fortress. The historic fortress was built sometime in the 6th century A.D. atop the highest point in the city, overlooking the Vardar River and still offering city vistas to this day. 


  • Old Bazaar, a protected national landmark and largest historic bazaar in the Balkans
  • Memorial House of Mother Theresa, displays memorabilia relating to the famed Catholic nun who was born in Skopje
  • Sveti Spas Church, dating back to 14th century boasts a stunning wood-carved iconostasis
  • Kale Fortress, 6th-century AD Byzantine fortress 

Skopje surroundings;

  • Lake Matka, favorite weekend getaway for the Skopje citizens, beautiful lake by the Treska Canyon only half hour away from the city
  • Vodno Mountain, only a short drive from the city offers biking, hiking and even paragliding 
  • Mavrovo National Park, largest national park in Macedonia offers various outdoor activities at only an hour and half away from Skopje

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