Krka National Park

Krka National Park, located between Sibenik and Split, encompasses two thirds of the Krka River after which it is named, including the famous Skradinski Buk waterfall.

Krka National Park Info:

Krka River springs below Mt. Dinara and flows 45 miles through the Dalmatia Region into the Adriatic Sea by Sibenik. Krka National Park (established in 1985) includes about two thirds of the river and overall covers 109 square kilometers. Due to the process of travertine building, sedimentary rock formed over thousands of years, Krka River has seven stunning waterfalls. The longest travertine is located in the middle of the National Park, and runs half a mile long creating the Skradinski Buk waterfall. Encircled by a walking trail with numerous vista points, Skradinski Buk is a cascaded waterfall with 17 steps spanning 164 feet high. While protected, it is possible to swim in the Krka River National Park, especially popular in the summer with the Skradinski Buk in the background. Another stunner is the Roski Slap waterfall with its 12 cascades.


Aside of the bountiful stunning nature, visitors should see Visovac island and its Franciscan monastery dating back to the 18th century. Located in the middle of Visovac Lake, the tiny island is home to an array of cypress trees and the monastery and well worth the visit for a number of preserved artifacts and the monastery library with rare books. The island can be reached by ferry from Skradin.


The entire park takes over 109 square kilometers and has five different entrances. One of them is Skradin, a picturesque town with a history reaching 6,000 years back. Along its historic treasure sites like the early medieval fort Belvedere and rich culinary offer, Skradin is also the perfect starting point for bike ride as the Krka bicycle trails start here and lead two miles to the waterfalls. 





Krka National Park Highlights:

  • Guided tour of the National Park
  • Skradinski Buk and Roski Slap waterfalls
  • Mother of Mercy Franciscan Monastery on Visovac Island
  • Skradin 


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