The most popular summer resort in Montenegro, Budva is a stunning historic town set on the shore of the Adriatic Sea looking at the famous Sveti Stefan Island. Aside its historic Old Town, the area is known for as many as 17 stunning beaches spread around the Budva Riviera.

Perched on a small peninsula, Budva Old Town offers a plethora of historic sites. While its history reaches back to the Illyrian and Greek times, it wasn't until the Middle Ages that the city got its now recognizable defense walls. Budva, along Kotor, is the only Montenegro town with a completely walled city center. Within the walls, one will find medieval forts, a citadel, narrow cobbled alleys and streets connecting small squares around the city.


The 7th century church of St. John is one of the oldest on the Montenegro coast and a must see while walking the city as well as the three bells tower of the Church of Holy Trinity which is a popular photo stop. The Kastel fort also known as the Citadela on the south of the town is the highest point in Budva and one that connects the starting and ending point of the city walls. The streets of the Old Town are dotted with bars and restaurants, shops and hotels, all supporting the main economic driver of the area, tourism. The area is famous for some of the most beautiful beaches, and Sveti Stefan Island located in front of Budva. 


  • Walking tour of Budva
  • Sveti Stefan Island
  • The Monastery of Praskvica, near Sveti Stefan
  • Beaches along the 20 miles long Budva Riviera 


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