What To Consider When Choosing A Croatian Cruise

More travelers are opting to tour the Croatian Adriatic coast on seven-day cruises that cover a handful of islands and major coastal towns. Here's what to consider before you book yours.

A Croatian cruise aboard a motor ship offers the chance to enjoy the benefits of an ocean cruise: visiting many destinations in seven days and seeing the country's coastline from a different perspective but without the crowds offers a more intimate experience.

Each year, more travelers are opting to tour the Croatian Adriatic Coast this way with seven-day itineraries covering a handful of islands and major coastal towns to make for an unforgettable vacation.

When deciding on your summer 2018 Adriatic cruise, or how to make sure your clients make the right choice for them, there are a few things to consider:

One-way or circular

Would you prefer to begin your cruise from Split and finish it in Dubrovnik (or vice versa), or does a circular route that brings you back to your start point suit you better? Consider your flight options to either destination. There may be a greater choice of direct flights from your home airport to Split than Dubrovnik, for example. Flight times may be more favorable to one airport than the other. It's worth investigating so that you can ensure you arrive at harbor and ultimately, back at home, feeling relaxed and refreshed. Flights could also be cheaper to one of the airports than the other on your chosen travel days.

Pre-and post-lude

Why should the vacation begin or end with your cruise? Consider a pre-or post lude stay in Split or Dubrovnik to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and explore the region. An extra two or three nights is the perfect opportunity to visit a vineyard, take a cooking class or explore the city's museums and galleries. Both Split and Dubrovnik have excellent hotels suited to all budgets.

Time of year

While July and August are the most popular months for tourists, there are many benefits to choosing the low season for your Croatian cruise. Firstly, the cooler weather will suit travelers who struggle in high temperatures. The average high temperature in Dubrovnik in May and September is a comfortable 22 degrees; ideal for whiling the hours away with a book on the sundeck or exploring the port on a guided tour. Secondly, you’ll find that each destination is less crowded making it much easier to explore and get around. With fewer people milling around, you’ll experience each destination more like the locals do.

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