Viking Star Folkloric Performance at Sponza Palace

On the September 29th, Adriatic DMC has organized an exclusive tour for the Viking Star guests where they enjoyed in folkloric show performance in Sponza palace.

A part of the standard Viking Ocean Cruises tour offer is an evening program run in Dubrovnik, Croatia by Adriatic DMC where guests are invited to purchase a tour that will take them to a Sponza palace located in Dubrovnik Old Town to taste delicious local food and drinks and enjoy in private folkloric show. One of Adriatic DMC guides has decided to write us her thoughts on the tour that took place on September 29th.

Upon arrival in port of Gruz, I have met the guests and we embarked the coach to start a short drive from the port to Ploce gates, east side entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town.
First of all guests feel special that they can enjoy in exclusive and private folkloric show, but their first impression was how great Dubrovnik Old Town looks in a sunset. While approaching the main street of Stradun, we could enjoy in the sounds of the birds flying over us, hear the footsteps of the guests and experience the town in the time when it is not all packed with the daily visitors.

Right from the entrance, when we passed under the bell tower arch passage and entered the main street, on our left hand side we could see the entrance to Sponza palace, now enlightened by the torches. The guests were commenting that they feel as they had entered the time machine to go back to the ancient times when only royality had the chance to enter those gates that today show of the importance and power of Dubrovnik Republic.

While entering the Sponza palace we have been welcomed by the hosts offering us a welcome drink, a traditional Croatian sweet wine called Prosek and orange juice, afterwards inviting us to taste delicious food whose main ingredients were local, such as: sea food, smoked ham, cheese, sausages, fish patte, fresh fruits, local cookies and deserts, appetizers.

From there we were only couple of steps away from the auditorium and the stage where in couple of minutes we will see a live performance of the folkloric dances brought by young and positive people nurturing the traditions of their town and region. While we enjoyed in great food and drinks, one of the girls from the folklore ensemble came up to a stage to invite the guests to take their seat and enjoy in the show.

Linđo program included a total of 4 dances from all over the Croatia including: Valpovo, Baranja, Bunjevac and Linđo dances. In addition to dances, Linđo has shown how great singers it has in its ensemble since the singers have performed for the audience during the breaks between the dances. They performed a total of 4 different songs showing the rich musical and cultural heritage of the region.

When the performance has finished, we were offered a farewell drink on our way back to the buses and to the port for cruise ship embarkation.

It is easy to conclude from above words written by our guide that they had a good time. In case you do want to convince yourself even more please check out our photos available in our gallery.


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