Kornati National Park, Croatia

National Park Kornati is an archipelago of 89 islands, islets and reefs in the central Croatian Adriatic coast, commonly referred to as a nautical paradise.

The Kornati archipelago is a group of about 150 islands, islets and rocks spreading over an area of 320 square kilometers in the central region of the Croatian Adriatic Sea. The archipelago includes 12% of total number of Croatia’s islands and is the most indented island group in the Adriatic Sea. A group of 89 islands, islets and reefs was proclaimed a National Park in 1980.

The nearby Dugi Otok Island with Telascica Bay Nature Park used to be a part of the Kornati National Park but was separated into a Nature Park later; together they still form a unique natural entity and is usually visited together. The islands are characterized by karst, so caves, pits, cracks and sinkholes are a common feature. A popular feature found in the area are steep cliffs found on southwest parts of both Kornati NP and Telascica some of which descend vertically to the depth of almost 300 feet below sea level. The highest of these cliffs found within the Kornati National Park is 270 feet high, while the one in the Telascica Nature Park reaches up to almost 530 feet above sea level.

Because of its proximity to the popular central Dalmatian coastline, the sheer beauty of the area and unique scenery, Kornati are truly a nautical paradise ideal for a day trip as well as a longer sailing expedition. 


  • Sailing tour of the Kornati National Park 


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