Journey Through The Pannonian Plain

A four-day trip tracing the Danube River through north-east Croatia and north Serbia

As a shore excursion provider for cruise companies in the Danube River ports of Vukovar and Novi Sad, Adriatic DMC is well established in the Pannonian Plain. As a destination expert, however, we're constantly searching for the very best to offer our clients and partners which is why we jumped at the chance to take part in an EU-funded study trip to the area with the aim of promoting its tourism offer.

Day 1: Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia

Our tour began with a visit to one of the most important wetlands in Europe, Kopacki Rit Nature Park – home to over 290 different species of birds, it's a nature lover's paradise that offers incredible guided tours. Lunch at Didin Konak was a traditional offer of fiš-paprikaš (fisherman's soup) and čobanac (Shepherd's stew) prepared over a coal fire.

The rest of the day was dedicated to discovering the wines of the Baranja region with visits to Belje Wine Cellar and Josic Winery and Restaurant, where we enjoyed a delicious three-course dinner and a special performance by a traditional sokacki gajdas bagpipe player.

Day 2: Vukovar-Srijem County, Croatia

Day two kicked off with a brief guided tour of Osijek and its fortress (Tvrđa) before a walk along European Avenue, part of the newly-formed Osijek Tourist Secession Route. The avenue's monumental historic buildings are a feast for the eyes in an array of bright colors. Lunch in Vukovar was on a panoramic boat as we sailed along the Danube. We then visited the Vucedol Culture Museum for a fascinating guided tour through the exhibition.

We made our way to the first of two wineries – Brzica in Erdut. As an existing partner of Adriatic DMC's, we knew that we would have a brilliant time at Ivo's estate on a wine tasting session with far-reaching views over the Danube.

Our guided tour of the historic Ilok Old Wine Cellars was a brilliant experience where we learned about the cellars' royal connections and archive wines.

Day 3: Vojvodina County, Serbia

Across the border into Serbia, our first port of call was the town of Sremski Karlovci. Here we learned about its Austro-Hungarian history and its significant role in Serbia's development. Its beautiful buildings include Serbia's oldest grammar school. At Benisek-Veselinovic we were introduced to various Serbian liqueurs: dunje, kruske and kasije by our hospitable host. It was then time for a lesson in kuglof making (and sampling) as well as more wine at Vinum winery.

Dinner that night was a special affair, held at Petlov Salas. This traditional bistro for agricultural workers has old-world charm and food that filled with flavor. Tamburasi musicians added some extra flavor, performing a host of songs.


Day 4: Vojvodina County, Serbia

Our final day began with a guided tour of Novi Sad, known as Serbia's Athens. We saw its most notable buildings including the former synagogue where we host private concerts for groups, as well as learning about the city's cultural elite and their role in shaping the city. A short drive took us to the Fruska Gora National Park and the Krusedol Monastery for a guided tour. Our last and final stop of the tour was in Irig, at Mackov Podrum Winery.

For more information on shore excursions and land tour programs visiting northeast Croatia and north Serbia, contact Adriatic DMC's friendly team.

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