International Conference 'Best in Heritage' Visits Konavle

International conference “The Best in Heritage” held its final meeting under the sponsorship of Adriatic DMC.

Museums and Galleries of Konavle hosted the final meeting of international conference “The Best in Heritage” on Sunday 1 October, under the sponsorship of Dubrovnik-based destination management company, Adriatic DMC.

The annual, global conference features award-winning museum, heritage and conversation projects and took place in Dubrovnik from 28-30 September.

Known as the White Council, the final meeting is an informal closing event that has the task of capitalizing the best examples of the conference and affirming trends in heritage practices all over the world.

An all-day program, the working part of the meeting was held at the breathtaking Sokol Tower’s House of Arms, where the central committee of the conference, moderators and last year's winners deliberated their conclusions.

The moderator of the discourse was John Sell, chairman of the conference committee, executive vice president of Europa Nostra and the chairman of the national committee of the National Amenity Societies for England.

After the working part of the gathering, a tour of heritage sites and monuments in the Konavle area was organized by sponsor Adriatic DMC. The group visited the historic mills on the River Ljuta, which like Sokol Grad, were restored thanks to the Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities society.

Ivo Đivanović and Jako Pišta gave demonstrations of the mills and how they were powered by the water mill on the river to produce flour and cloth for local residents. Following a tour of the complex with a professional guide, the conference group headed to Konavle County Museum where they were learned about local silk production and its long history.  

Antonia Ruskovic Radonic, Director of Museums and Galleries of Konavle, said of the day, “We hope that the White Council meeting in Konavle will become a permanent professional platform from which the guidelines discussed are realized in the future.

“Konavle is an area rich in heritage and we relished the opportunity to showcase some of our sites and monuments to the conference members.

“A big thank you to Adriatic DMC and Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities Society for their support in delivering the program.”

Adriatic DMC Managing Director, Srdjan Kristic said, “Our commitment to the local communities that we operate in extends to supporting programs of this nature that solidify Dubrovnik’s status as a significant cultural destination. We recognize the importance of institutions and organizations in the development of programs of interest to visitors and for that reason we hope to continue working with Konavle Museums and Galleries.”


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