Royal and historic, Ilok is the easternmost town in Croatia, gracefully rising above the River Danube and surrounded by famous Traminac vineyards in the Srijem Region. Wine producing tradition in this area goes all the way back to the Illyrian times and is still going strong with numerous regional award winning vineyards.

Ilok Info:

Archeological finds prove that this region was already inhabited in the Neolitic Age, yet it was the Romans that started a larger settlement by building a fort to protect their trading routes. The settlement was fortified during the reign of Duke Nikola Ilocki in the 15th century, when Ilok entered its golden age before coming under the Turkish rule. It was the Odescalchi family that restored Ilocki’s castle and added the now famous wine cellars. Today, the historic Old Town Ilok is protected as a special historic landmark. Ilok’s history is vivid during a walk through the town, revealing medieval forts, monastery, a royal court and churches mingling with Turkish hamam, Islamic buildings and lush public gardens and parks.


Those wanting a peek at the famous Ilok wine cellars will head to the Odescalchi castle, which is now also home to the Ilok Town Museum well worth a visit in its own accord. The castle was recently restored, and is open for visits. Another gem in the town is the Sanctuary, Church and Friary of St John of Capistrano, a Franciscan order monastery offering amazing views from atop their tower. 

Ilok Highlights:

  • Odescalchi Castle and wine cellars
  • The Franciscan Monastery
  • Ilok wine road
  • River Danube


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