Gorski Kotar Region, Croatia

Nestled between coastal and continental Croatia, Gorski Kotar region offers a welcome refuge from the heat during summer and a snow-white wonderland in the winter.

Gorski Kotar Info:

Gorski Kotar is the mountainous region between the cities of Rijeka, Karlovac and the Slovenian border on the north east of Croatia. The average altitude of the region is 2,620 feet while the highest peak is Bjelolasica at 5,032 feet followed by Risnjak at 5,013 feet. This area is a geographic barrier between the continental and Mediterranean climates in Croatia and is affected by both, however the climate here is considered to be a mild continental to mountainous in the highest peaks. The region is highly wooded, with rich plant and animal life and ecologically well preserved.


The region is scarcely populated but charming mountainous villages and towns like Lokve, Fuzine, Skrad and Delnice are popular tourism spots especially among the domestic tourists in the summer. Beautiful nature makes this a heaven for outdoor enthusiasts; Risnjak National Park and Bjelolasica are established hiking and mountaineering spots in Croatia. One of the most beautiful caves open for tourists in Croatia is also in this region, the Lokvarka Cave near Lokve town. This is also a popular hunting region, with various wild game as well as fishing opportunities.

Gorski Kotar Highlights:

  • Risnjak National Park
  • Bjelolasica Mountain, highest peak in the region
  • Lokvarka Cave
  • Lokve, Fuzine and other small mountain villages 


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