Folklore in a Fortress

Windstar Cruises’ guests experience the best of Croatian culture in a medieval fortress.

Creating shore excursions that become special memories for Windstar Cruises’ guests is something that we take great pride in and it’s always such a pleasure to deliver bespoke events and experiences for their delighted passengers.

Last week’s shore excursion was no exception. We organized for passengers of Star Legend to visit Dubrovnik’s 15th century Revelin Fortress. A magnificent medieval fortress, Revelin is a stunning venue for a live music performance thanks to its rich history, excellent acoustics and both indoor and outdoor space so we organized just that.

On arrival, guests were welcomed with a traditional liqueur aperitif and then enjoyed a cocktail hour with appetizers prior to the performance; the perfect introduction to authentic local gastronomy while taking in the historic fort.

As destination specialists, we know how best to marry venue, group and event which is why we called on local folklore ensemble FA Lindjo to perform for the guests. The music, songs and dances performed by the Dubrovnik-based ensemble go back hundreds of years (much like the fortress) and represent authentic Croatian culture in a way that few other things can.

Among others, FA Lindjo performed its most famous dance the ‘Dubrovnik Poskocica Lindjo’, a group dance with a master who calls out instructions to the dancers. Once a courting ritual, the dance is performed to the sounds of a lijerica, a three-stringed instrument played with a bow. FA Lindjo’s talented dancers wear colorful traditional dress from the Dubrovnik region for the performance and this is one dance that garners a huge applause not least because of the difficult choreography involved.

A shore excursion with authentic Croatian culture, delicious local food at a breathtaking venue, what more could you ask for?

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