Draguc Village, Croatia

A picturesque medieval hilltop village in central Istria known as the Istrian Hollywood due to the number of movies filmed here.


A dreamy village in central Istria with a turbulent past, Draguc is a true survivor of past times. Originally the settlement grew around a medieval castle, which is almost impossible to decipher by looks of the village these days as parts of the castle are now completely assimilated into the later architecture of the village. The village is built with a main road leading uphill to the village square. The village has several beautiful churches well worth a visit. The village entrance is marked by the church of the Lady of Rosary, dating back to 17th century, and St. Elisha church from 12th century. St. Elisha is a Romanesque church built with stone blocks, and sporting 13th century frescoes. Another church, the St. Rocco, sits on the north side overlooking the central Istrian hills. St. Rocco was built in the 16th century, and has over 100 beautiful paintings by Antonio di Padova.


St. Rocco church from 16th century overlooking central Istria


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