Known widely for their colorful folklore tradition, Lipizzaner horses and the stunning cathedral, Djakovo is set in the middle of the fertile Slavonia region in the east of Croatia.


The most visual part of Djakovo are the two towers of the St. Peter’s cathedral made of red bricks. The cathedral is among the youngest in Croatia, built by Bishop Strossmayer on the site of a previous cathedral in 19th Century. It is considered one of the most beautiful cathedrals on the stretch from Istanbul to Venice. The inside of the building is as impressive as its outside, featuring 43 frescos, and seven altars with the main altar almost 50 feet tall.

Djakovo takes pride in its rich cultural heritage forefront of which is the widely known Djakovo folklore tradition and the lavishly ornamented folk costumes which are proudly presented during the annual Djakovo Embroideries Festival. Another staple of the city is the State Stud Farm, one of the oldest horse farms in Europe dating back to 1506. The stunning white Lipizzan horses are globally known and training sessions can be observed on the farm.

The best way to see Djakovo is on foot; aside of the cathedral visitors should not miss the Strossmayer Promenade, the Bishop's Palace and the 14th Century church of All Saints. 


  • St. Peter's Cathedral, made of almost 7 million red bricks
  • State Stud Farm of Lipizzan horses
  • Museum of Djakovstina 


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