Cocktail Reception inside of Medieval Fort, Dubrovnik

Adriatic DMC Welcomes Windstar Cruise Guests to Dubrovnik with a Medieval Fort Cocktail Reception and Traditional Dances.

The 15th century Revelin Fort provided the ideal setting for a recent cocktail reception and cultural performance that Adriatic DMC hosted for Windstar Cruise guests in Dubrovnik. As always, showcasing authentic local culture and extending warm hospitality to all of our clients, we chose Revelin as the ideal site to help the guests experience the essence of the destination during their limited time stay in town. Originally built as a defense fort, five hundred years later Revelin Fort is one of the premier historic venues in Dubrovnik Old Town as it offers both indoor and outdoor space options with premium views of the Old Town and Old Town Port.


Its long history and original architecture lends to the ambiance of the space, making it easy for guests to truly immerse themselves in the cultural performance that was part of the overall program. Meticulously planned by our special events team, the group was transported from Gruz Port to Revelin. As destination specialists, we try to include as many local elements to any guest experience thus the evening started with a traditional Dubrovnik welcome drink and cocktail hour showcasing locally sourced bites.

There really is no better way to get close to the local culture than through dance and song, so after refreshments, our guests enjoyed a famous local dance performance, the Lindjo. This group dance is synonymous with Dubrovnik region all the way back to 18th century when it was used as a courting ritual. Men and women dressed in colorful local folklore costumes perform the dance to the sounds of local instrument, lirica. The dance is performed in a group with a main leader, the dance master, shouting out instructions to the dancers and is really entertaining to watch.

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