Bol, Brac Island, Croatia

The largest Croatian, and one of the largest islands on the Adriatic, Brac is most famous for its white limestone and the most recognizable sandy beach in Croatia, the Golden Horn in Bol.


Brac is home to two towns, Supetar and Bol, and several sleepy villages scattered around the island’s dramatic Mediterranean landscape of steep cliffs, inky waters and pine forests. Some historians believe that the history of Brac goes as far back as the Iron Ages. Bol is located on the southern shores of Brac Island and is most famous for its sandy beach the Golden Horn. The sandy cape of the beach stretches into the Adriatic and changes direction with tides and the wind.


The small coastal town resembles most Mediterranean towns with narrow, cobbled alleys and wide squares. A walk around Bol unveils numerous historic monuments and sites like the pretty pre-Romanic churches of St. Ivan and St. Tudor from the 11th Century, the Bishop’s residence from the 12th Century, the Church of Madonna of Graces which was built from 15th to 17th Century and more. Art lovers will enjoy the Branislav Deskovic Gallery, hosted inside a Renaissance-baroque townhouse right on the Bol seafront, displaying some 300 art pieces by this 20th-Century Croatian artist. More recent history is on display in the 15th Century Dominican Monastery displaying a number of ancient coins and the famous Tintoretto’s Madonna with Child painting. 


Being a coastal town, Bol is ideal for any type of water activity in the summer, but adventurists will also love hiking up Vidova Gora, the highest peak of any Croatian island, looming over Bol and offering amazing panoramic views. 


  • Dragon’s Cave, one of four monasteries in Bol
  • Visit Stina Vinery in Bol
  • Visit Pucisca village
  • Visit the Blaca Hermitage ancient monastery built into the rock in the middle of the island 


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