Adriatic DMC to Expand Offering in Vukovar

Directors visited the city and surrounding areas to research attractions as well as hospitality and accommodation suppliers ahead of the 2018 season.

Adriatic DMC is expanding its offer by developing travel programs and products for the city of Vukovar in Croatia.

Company directors Srdjan Kristic and Perisa Boko were accompanied by senior advisor and former Minister of Tourism, Pave Zupan Ruskovic on a two-day trip to the city and surrounding areas to research attractions as well as hospitality and accommodation suppliers ahead of the 2018 season.

“We're constantly looking for new destinations and authentic experiences that will delight our clients' guests and provide memories they will cherish.

“By expanding our land tour offer in Vukovar, we hope to introduce a great many more people to the fascinating town, a rising star in Croatian tourism.

“Vukovar’s museums, historical buildings and surrounding nature make it an excellent destination for travelers looking to be immersed in local culture, “said Perisa Boko, Sales and Marketing Director.

The trio visited the city's Municipal Museum housed in Dvorac Eltz (Castle Eltz) where they met with museum director Ruzica Maric, Vukovar City Council Head of Culture and Tourism, Marina Sekulic and the prinicpal of Dragutin Tadijanovic Elementary School, Lidija Miletic.

“We’re confident that our partner agents in the US, UK, France, India and Japan will recognize the quality of our bespoke itineraries that include Vukovar and look forward to welcoming their guests on our new tours,” commented Mr. Boko.

About Vukovar

Vukovar lies on the Danube River in eastern Croatia and is rich in history and culture. The city is home to various archeological sites dating from the Bronze and Iron Ages, which visitors can learn all about at the Vucedol Culture Museum. Forest park Adica offers an oasis of calm just 2km outside of the center.

Beautiful baroque architecture can be found across the city in places such as the Palace of the Syrmia County and Castle Eltz. For travelers interested in the city's more recent history then a visit to Vukovar Hospital's Place of Remembrance is a must to learn more about the Serb agression in 1991.

A wine growing area, vineyards such Goldschmidt House offer the chance to sample some of Croatia's best-known wines while enjoying the beautiful countryside on a visit to Vukovar.

In the nearby town of Ilok, Ilocki Podrumi's Old Wine Cellar and the Principovac Estate are two popular attractions. The Old Wine Cellars date back to the 15th and 18th Centuries, guests can learn about the history of the wines produced there and sample them , enjoy a meal in the restaurant or stay overnight in the adjoining hotel. The vineyard's Principovac Estate provides luxury accommodation for overnight guests in a former summer residence as well as a host of receration activities on offer in addition to wine tasting.

Adriatic DMC offers a host of expert-led land tours in the Balkans, each of which offers an unrivalled mix of authentic experiences, immersion in local culture and visits to all the must-see destinations on any discerning travelers check list. To find out more, get in touch with the team at


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