Adriatic DMC Invests in Slavonia

Adriatic DMC announces the launch of its tour guide program in Slavonia and new vehicles for 2020

As part of its commitment to developing tourism in partnership with local communities, Adriatic DMC has launched a new tour guide recruitment program in Osijek, Croatia.

The program will provide finance for ten individuals to become licensed tour guides in the Slavonia region which is home to the Danube River port of Vukovar as well as the historic towns of Ilok, Osijek, and Dakovo. Adriatic DMC provides shore ex services for some of the world's leading luxury river cruise companies in the Danube River ports of Vukovar, Novi Sad and Belgrade.

Managing director, Srdjan Kristic commented, “We recognize the untapped potential of the Slavonian region and have been working for the last three years to develop fresh and exciting shore excursions and tour programs for our partners. The launch of our tour guide program in 2020 signifies our commitment to the continued development of the destination for the benefit of and in harmony with, the local community.

Additional training

In addition to completing the tour guide license at Osijek University, the chosen candidates will take part in a three-day training course created and run by Adriatic DMC where they'll receive expert instruction from experienced guides, as well as visit key sites offered in Adriatic DMC's programs to ensure a high level of professional service for all of our guests to the region.

Kristic continued, “Over 40 people attended the initial presentation at Osijek University and over 30 candidates were interviewed. The university course takes place over three months and Adriatic DMC's workshops will take place in Osijek this March, in time for the summer season.

Investment in transport

In partnership with its suppliers, Adriatic DMC has also confirmed the procurement of new high-end buses to service shore excursions from Vukovar port as Operations Director Ivan Gavranic explained, “The buses will add to our already extensive fleet of top quality coaches in Slavonia. In order to meet all of our partners' needs, we have also secured top of the range buses through our other suppliers. Delivering excellent quality vehicles is key to ensuring our guests' experience of Slavonia is first class from the moment they disembark their ship which is why we take transfer transport so seriously.


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