Viking Star Evening Concert on Island of Our Lady of the Rocks

On the October 10th, Adriatic DMC has organized an exclusive tour for the Viking Star guests when they enjoyed in exclusive guitar performance on Our Lady of the Rocks in Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

A part of the standard Viking Ocean Cruises tour offer is an evening program run in Kotor, Montenegro by Adriatic DMC where guests are invited to purchase a tour that will take them to an artificial islet Our Lady of the Rocks located in Bay of Kotor to have some great local sparkling wine and enjoy in private performance by renown guitar duo from Podgorica, Montenegro Srđan Bulatović & Darko Nikčević. We asked one of the Adriatic DMC employees who was on the islet during the concerts to share her thoughts with us regarding this tour that took place on October 12th, 2015.

We have departed port of Kotor by buses to drive along scenic bay of Kotor. Bay of Kotor is indeed intriguing and is offering a contrast of the peaceful sea and strenuous mountains arising form the sea level. During the 20 minute long drive towards town of Perast I could hear the “click-ing” sounds from the guests cameras followed by the wow sound while the guests were taking photos of the bay.

Upon arrival in town of Perast, we disembarked the bus and started walking along the sea front promenade of small and beautiful ancient town of Perast that stands proudly at the opposite of the entrance of the bay of Kotor overlooking its visitors coming from the sea side as well as protecting the islets Our Lady of the Rocks and St George. After a walk through the town we have embarked the boats and started a short but very interesting boat ride to islet Our Lady of the Rocks.

Even during the boat ride, you could hear guests commenting how the islet looks great and you could actually feel the anxiety of arrival to the islet. Upon docking and disembarkation the guests had realized that the islet is exclusive and they were the only people on the islet. The local guide told a legend that says how an artificial island was erected and created from the stones thrown by the people who were departing in past on their long journeys as sailors.

Host at the island offered the guests a true taste of Montenegro, with the local sparkling wine that they had the opportunity to drink and enjoy in islet before settling in the church located on the islet for a private concert of local renowned guitar duo Srđan Bulatović and Darko Nikčević.

When the artists came out, all of the guests were already seated and I could feel the expectance in the air of the first song. The applause after the first one was so loud that the artists were unable to thank the guests for the great support they were giving to them. One after another, the guitar duo Bulatović and Nikčević represented the songs that they composed, rearranged or just love to perform to their guests. And the guests were overwhelmed with the sounds that they could here.

When the performance ended we have embarked the boats that will take them back to town of Perast where they will embark the buses and depart back to town of Kotor and port to embark the ship.

In case you would like to see how everything went during the concerts, please check our gallery and bellow video that we have filmed during the day.




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