Monastery St. Naum, Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

Sitting on a small cliff above a sandy beach on Ohrid Lake, St. Naum Monastery is a site to behold for its surroundings as much as for its interior.


Colorful peacocks stand guard around the dreamy St. Naum Monastery that was originally built by its namesake in 910 AD. The monastery is located in a stunning lakeside location between Ohrid and the Albanian border, with easy access by car or boat. The original venue built by St. Naum was rebuilt into a multiple dome monastery in the 16th century; today only the side chapel and tomb of St. Naum remain of the original structures. The monastery showcases beautiful frescoes and iconostases mostly from 16th and 17th centuries, some dating back to the Byzantine Greek times. Legend has it that visitors can still hear St. Naum’s heartbeat if resting an ear to his tomb. Recently, a larger part of the dormitories in the monastery were transformed into a hotel, so those visitors that would like to take their time enjoying the gorgeous setting and the nearby sandy beach can do so overnight.


  • Tour of the monastery
  • Tour of the nearby Ohrid Town
  • Boat tour on the lake; views of the monastery from the lakeside are beautiful


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